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Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Darling

I’ve had a rare privilege in my life. I suppose I don’t talk about it much. Or at least as much as a person should, what with all the terrible and difficult things people go through everyday. And why should I? My thing is obviously a result of my own diligence and hard work, yes? An outcome or fruition of planning and execution of meticulously laid foundation and framework? Clearly, avoidance of the all to common pitfalls I’ve watched friend after friend fall into and lose everything they’d worked for and built from nothing, wasn’t it all planned from the start? Well, I can surely say I hadn’t been witness to the perfect examples as a lad. How could I possibly have known what to do, what decisions to make to keep it right and together in all the best possible ways? Can a person learn by negative example, gleaning mainly the right from situations that might leave a scar to the opposite effect? I don’t know. I did know at a relatively young age that I wanted something different. But the idea that I somehow controlled and chose the outcome of the life I live today would be conceited and well, plain ridiculous. As I go further and further along, I realize more and more, that I have less and less to do with any of it. Sure, there are some conscious choices that are made, some dirt lines not to be crossed, but in the grand scheme of things I see now more clearly than ever that I’ve always had the easy part. There’s a 2nd character to the story I tell, a constant presence that is never questioned, never weary, and never leaves my side. Dare I even mutter a cliché as old and tired as this one, but I really can’t come up with any words that would make the point as easily. You all know it, and it doesn’t really even need to be written because it rings true in so many ways. Something about a great man and the woman behind him. I was maybe 23 when I met my wife. This is the stuff of movies, a blind date, a stolen car, and other “interested parties” (I’ll leave that alone with that). Not great movies, I admit, but decent romantic comedies. I wonder who could play me. I’ve always liked Mark Wahlberg. I imagine Lora as, I don’t know maybe, Meg Ryan? Not based on similarities, but I’m thinking “When Harry met Sally”. I swear, I knew the day I met Lora Lee Probus that I would likely marry her. Go ahead and laugh, but if you know her well, you just may know what I know, and saw right from the beginning, in Applebee’s in Louisville KY all those years ago. You see, I’m not at all responsible for the success of my marriage, family, or even career. It amuses me even now to think what I’d be doing or where I’d be left to my own vices. Those of you that know me well would probably agree I’d likely be in prison or dead. There are certain types of people that are just simply, good. In school they were nice, or sweet. Not necessarily cool, or hot and popular because the things you have to do to earn those labels have a nasty way of fathering collateral damage. I do credit myself with recognizing the difference. That much, I suppose, I did do. In adulthood, they become great friends, wonderful loving parents, and in my case especially, lifelong companions and perfect spouses. I can’t really honestly think of anything I don’t like about Lora. No one is perfect, but I didn’t say she was perfect, nor laughingly am I. But maybe we’re perfect for one another. I’m thankful for every moment I’ve had to share with my best, and only real friend. If I were to lose her now, the world would simply stop. Such a beautiful pearl, which has only begun to incandesce in the world. I would take her place without pause. She knows that. I hope she knows that. I’m sure she knows that? Right? She should know. After all the I love yous, anniversaries and special occasions; surely every thing is out on the table, right? I know what you’re thinking. And you’re right. Back to my point, I simply wanted to shed light on a maybe not so often noticed glimmering star, aka soccer mom, den mother, Webster mom, ManchVegas knitter, superstar kickboxer, mega crafter, and unwavering love of my life and that of my two super boys, Lora Lee. You bring a smile across my lips at the very utterance of your name. I will be with you in all things till the end of the universe. What cosmic coincidence brought us together needs no explanation for me. I just want to live in its consequence as long as possible. I couldn’t be happier in life than I am with you and our family. Get some rest, you deserve it. I Love you.



  1. You wrote a wonderful love letter to your wife. Make sure SHE reads this!! You are such a wonderful husband and strength for Lora right now. I am so glad to know that.. Hugs to your family!!

  2. geez, Brent, way to make me sob at 9:00 a.m. :) She says really nice things about you too by the way :) Please let me know if you guys need anything at all.

  3. WOW! Lora is truly one of the greatest people I've ever met. I really don't know you, but after reading this I'm thinking you must be perfect for each other. Love is AMAZING when you get it right...You got it right!!

  4. Brent Honey, thanks for that beautiful insight, you are both so fortunate to have each other. Hold on to that. Never forget that giddy feeling of love as you first felt it. Stay strong. Jill

  5. Honesty has never sounded more beautiful. You made me cry, in the best possible way. You are both lucky to have each other!

  6. Brett:
    Well, what can i say. I have loved Scott and Lora as if they were my baby brother and sister most of my life. And while I have not been there the way I should have, I have never stopped loving them. When it comes to Lora, she has a heart that will not end and a soul that is old and wise.
    I believe that it is true you two odviously were for each other. I know little about your past and you know about mine. We may come from totally different backgrounds but in reality we all have different events in our lives that change us. Fortunately for you, Lora came early in your life, reality for me was much later but at least I was alive when it came.
    You have found a saint and seemingly are one as well. It doesn't matter if you award the happening to yourself your her, the reality is that you are an excellent husband, father and member of society. I believe that what we leave most valuable in this life is the good things we do. You are doing more then your share.
    I respect and admire you a great deal. I am so thankful that Lora and the boys have you as a foundation for them to grow from and I hope to one day meet you again and only that time get to know you more closely.
    If YOU need anything, just whisper, I will do my best to listen for the call and answer for you and your family whenever the call comes.
    Cuz' Mike

  7. Wow, Brent--well said. I've read this two or three times over the last couple days just to ponder it--there's things I'd like to say to you and Lora in response and in harmony to this letter--so much I identify with in this letter. Not even sure where to start or if this is the proper place or time. I know one thing, we definitely miss you guys.
    Ecclesiastes 9:9 "Enjoy life with your wife, whom you love, all the days of this life that God has given you under the sun..."