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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bone Marrow

Friday came, and a very nervous Lora was asked to disrobe down to underwear, and put on a standard open back hospital gown (a Johnny). As of now, I can’t seem to recall the PA who did the biopsy (I’ve since learned this was Jaime at NHOH), but I can picture her face. She had a pleasant demeanor, but packed a wicked punch in the form of two big needles to first numb the superficial tissue over the upper portion of the rear hip bone (imagine your lower back above one butt cheek), and the second a pencil sized device to jam into the bone to aspirate red (superficial) and yellow (deep) bone marrow. The first attempt returned little to no cells, and a 2nd go had to happen. Lucky Lora got to have her first and second BM biopsy at the same sitting. She took it like a trooper and June 2nd, two weeks later, would be our appointment to review the results with Dr. DiVenuti. Yes, 2 weeks. It’s amazing how much Wiki research and speculation one can do in 2 weeks. At least I had a moderate distraction, in the form of a business trip to the thriving business Mecca that is Detroit, MI. It was only four days, but WTH, it was most of the first week.

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