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Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Beginning

In March 2010, my wife Lora went for a routine OB exam, for the first time in several years. We had moved north to New Hampshire from Kentucky, chasing a career opportunity working for Dean Kamen, a well known inventor. She simply hadn’t made the time to seek out a new local Dr. and while not having any health issues, put it off. A good friend recommended a mid-wife with whom she was comfortable. Lora was pleased with the visit and everything came back well, or so it seemed. She (Lora) had mentioned in passing to the mid-wife that it had been nearly four years since last she had a checkup. The mid-wife aptly recommended a few routine tests including a blood cell count. Having been home several days and fully enveloped in our families’ daily routine, Lora received a call from this mid-wife on her cell phone. It was stated that everything was normal, with the exception of her white count being a bit low. She recommended Lora see a family Dr. to follow up, as this wasn’t her specialty. This brings us to Dr. Dan.

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