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Monday, June 28, 2010

Dana Farber

We made our way down to Boston early Monday morning and found the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in about 1hr 20min, and valet parked the car. Actually no, we parked in the nearby galleria parking garage and walked around for 20 minutes until someone recognized our "we're lost" facial expressions and offered to help. She looked like a nurse. The moment we walked into this place we both became acutely aware of our now eminent submersion into the world of cancer. Bald or balding people of all ages and walks of life with face masks and vinyl gloves donned everywhere we turned. I think we both put our heads down and walked to reception staring mainly at the floor. I do remember noticing a few compassionate eyes glancing our way, following Lora across the room as if to say "oh how sad, she's so young". These are the same looks I noticed from the nurses desk the first time we walked through NHOH with the boys in tow. It's almost as if they knew, because everyone who walks through here ends up with the big C. After checking in, they drew 10 or so tubes of blood and walked us to a tiny exam room for what ended up being close to 3 hours of waiting. We had no idea what awaited us.

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