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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dr. Dan

Dr. Dan became our family Dr. a year or two prior to this. I needed a physical for an upcoming fight (long story) and while visiting a random ophthalmology office chosen from a list of participating providers on Aetna’s website, and based solely on proximity to my location and appointment availability, I noticed a family practice located in the same building had nearly no one in the waiting area. So, half blind from pupil dilation, I wandered in and asked if I could get a sports physical on the spot. Please note how laughable that thought is and that every office I had called so far was scheduling physicals for 3-4 months in the future. Being the procrastinator that I am, I needed a physical for a fight that weekend. Anyway, the (very nice) young ladies at the desk said “sure, Dr. Dan will do it”. Dr. Dan, you say? Yes, Dr. Dan Waszerskowski, fondly known as simply, Dr. Dan. Well, Dr. Dan was a good guy, thought it was cool that I was a pro fighter, had kids at the same schools as mine, and cleared me to fight that weekend. Long story still long, I transferred our family medical needs to Dr. Dan. Lora’s encounter with Dr. Dan was quite short and uninteresting. He confirmed the low white count, and added platelet and red counts to the short list as well. He referred us to a hematologist. Just to add, he did send Lora to a lab (Elliott) to have an ultrasound performed on her liver and spleen. We heard nothing of these results until we were sitting in front of Dr. Gina DiVenuti.

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