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Monday, June 28, 2010

Brigham & Womens Hospital

And so it began. Minimal discussions with the boys, who at this time are 6 and 9, invoked little response. They were more excited by the news that "mom-mom" and "pop-pop" may be coming to visit. Lora's parents, upon hearing the news, immediately dropped everything and packed their van. They arrived from KY in just under two days with a commitment to stay as long as they were needed. I'll just take a moment now to note how extremely appreciated and valuable Cecil & Loretta are, not only in this situation, but throughout my relationship with Lora which, by the way, now spans roughly 17 years (give or take). You just can't put words on what it means to have people like them around you, even if you live far away. Them having arrived so quickly, allowed Lora and I to go to Boston alone and the boys missed nothing from their routines, which I felt was quite important in how they handle stressful news about their mom. Day 1 of the hospital stay was 90% of the work. Everything was done, except the C-line, and we simply needed to lay in wait for the final pathology report on the "new" bone marrow (Dr. Brastianos did this one and it went OK) confirming the diagnosis which would allow us to proceed. We basically did nothing for a full day, myself working across VPN, and Lora slept, drugged after having the C-line placed in her chest. I was later roaming around the hospital, checking out all the various waiting room layouts and looking for babies, when my cell phone rang. (remembering now that I actually called & spoke to my mother, Carol, for the first time since this started as well) It was Dr. Brastianos, & she said her and the med team were in Lora's room waiting for me to return.

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